About Us

Our Mission:

We've done research on plastic pollution and it's got us all shocked. Through this you realise how big of an impact even one individual can make on the environment. That's why we're tackling the straws perspective of things. We provide ever-lasting stainless steel straw kits which you can use to 'Say NO to the plastic straw'. It's basically an investment the environment and our ocean friends would thank you for. 


Behind the brand:

Better Straws is a brand created by myself, Dhrital Kalan, a 20 something year old from sunny Pretoria, South Africa. I recently turned vegan and all the research around saving the animals got me thinking about the ones in our oceans. Being away from the beach got me visiting it alot during the holidays and i couldn't stand the amount of plastic pollution that people would just ignore. Better Straws was then created through hours and hours of research around the impact of straw pollution and the ways our everyday lives would make such  huge impact. I hope you join me on this journey of also saving the Earth, one straw at a time. 


Behind the brand:

 We now offer:

  • Stainless steel straws
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Pasta Straws
  • Hay Straws

We also offer custom branding on all straws and straw kits to your (or your company's) specifications. Email shopbetterstraws@gmail.com for more info