Hay Straws 3mm (20 straws)

Regular price R 25.00

Our hay straws are made from natural hay. 

Dimensions are 200mm x 3mm.

Perfect for water, juices and other sift drinks. Not advisable to be used in smoothies as it is not thick enough. 

20 straws are packaged in each brown bag. 

Single use only.

Not to be used in hot drinks. 

100% biodegradable. 

Better Straws specialises in stainless steel metal straws, bamboo straws, pasta straws and hay straws.

Wholesale orders and straw personalization available on request. Please email shopbetterstraws@gmail.com for further inquiries. We stock and source a wide variety of straw sizes and colours. If you have not found what you are looking for here, kindly please pop us a mail.